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Heeeere, teddy bear~! *boot to the head!*

Started playing a "new" game (SNES-era, but new to me!) called "Dream Maze". (Here under "Completed Projects") You wander around and kill stuffed animals, and if you find one your size, you steal its corpse and wear it. It's quite morbid, if you actually stop and think about it.

The game's fun, but I'm stuck already. Arrrgh! Somebody else play this so you can help me! (It's fun, I swear!)

This reminds me that I need to finish translating Nage Libre. I've got a little internal war going over it.

Moral!self: Need to finish it! Someone might want to play it!
Pessemist: Nobody wants to play it. The internet barely knows we exist.
Translator: C'mon, let's go! It's fun, it'll whip us back into shape.
Pessimist: Our skills are already doomed.
Procrastinator: Besides, there are more fun things we could be doing.

Need to smush my internal pessimist. It's a whiny bugger, anyway. I think it may be trying to spawn an emo!me. >...>

Oooh, look, books and crossword puzzles! *wanders off*
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