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Hazy, far-off porn mirages

Ty-chu and I are thinking about collaborating on some comics of questionable content (Man, that's fun to say). We both get to do ideas, and probably get into lengthy arguments over breast size. I get to do the dialogue, because I'm just that good. Go me!

Sample conversations between Ty-chu and I:
(I was going to write something for him, and made the following threat.)

CranberryNoMiko: *shakes fist* Don't make me break out the realism
shyft9: no mistress! anything but that!
CranberryNoMiko: *raised eyebrow* Mistress?
CranberryNoMiko: I don't think I could domme my way out of a wet paper bag, babe.

Yes, this is a -- I can't stress this enough -- normal conversation between us. He's like... my bosom buddy with no bosom.