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The Idea *ominous organ music*

I got an Idea yesterday. It gets capitalized because it's completely taken over my brain. I made a 1,500+ word list for this Idea. It's completely out of control.

The most amusing part is that it's intended as a birthday present for a friend. It started simple, but then my mind started digging out the mental Legos and building a whole Lego world out of 'em.

I'm having a little bit of a "Mustn't set it on paper it'll be ruined, argh!" feeling, but mostly I just want to sit down and create and create and create.

Can anybody point me towards a place to find good beta readers? Or would anyone be willing to beta it for me? Not a whole lot of grammar/spelling things, I've got those down. More of a "More here, less here, you left a word out there, this bit sucks and needs to be expanded" thing.

I may be getting ahead of myself here -- I don't have much of a plot yet. Just a lot of people and places and ideas. A huge, evil Government, an underworld, corporate-dominated mega-city, etc., etc. And a "Jack of all trades" main gal -- general stealthy type, but not an assassin. Not really a heroine either.

Okay. Shutting up. Mustn't babble on endlessly. Oooh, but I wanna....
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