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I need about a dozen copies of myself

I've been so lazy lately! Spending every possible moment with The Boyfriend -- pretty much every weekend, from 11am-ish Saturday to late Sunday night.

Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 yesterday. I really liked it, except for the fact it was a cliffhanger. Oh well. I'm sure the next one'll be out in a year or so. >.<

- Present for Ty-chu's birthday
- Games (KH2, new Super Mario, Ocarina of Time, SSX4, Windwaker)
- Clean up my disaster area formerly called bedroom
- Bake something...?
- Boyfriend

Yeaaaah, I know which of those are going to win. Especially since Mister Boyfriend's offered to come over. He has undermined my to do list, I tell you!

Eh, who needs to get things done. >...>;; Okay, me, really. (But I luuuuuurve him!)
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