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"I can't dance, but I can Dance Dance!"

^.^ I went to a party today. This is weird for me, 'cause I'm not very social, but it was a lot of fun. I got to spar (practice-fight) with a bunch of people, using mushy duct tape covered swords. I got to hang out with a lot of people, kick ass at Tekken Tag, and generally have a great time.

What was really great was when my friend complimented me, and I just kind of muttered and looked off, saying "I don't take compliments well..." he told everyone to compliment me, and they did! *^.^* They were joking at first, but then everyone was saying "Seriously, you have pretty hair," and "You're cute," and stuff like that. It means a lot to me because I have really serious negative self-image problems. People complimenting me about my looks makes me feel great, and like I'm not a loser.

^.^ Kyou: Tanoshii~~~

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