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Gakkou he ikimashou yo!

Wheeeee! I registered for three classes at my local community college. Second-year Japanese, a vocal training class, and a game design basics class. (Already snagged the program we're using for the last one!)

I'm going to sign up for a writing class (Possibly Indian literature or fiction writing) after I take a placement test to show that I'm not a retarded monkey. *eye roll* Never mind that I got a 740 on the verbal bit of the SATs. I might have become an illiterate idiot in the meantime.

But yay, I get to learn again! And I don't have to pay for anything while I do! (I love you, family!)

I never thought I'd be this giddy to be going to school again, but hey! I get to choose what I wanna take -- it makes a big difference.

Aaa~n, nihongo daisuki da! Now I just have to break my nasty habit of talking like a male street punk. I've half forgotten the formal verb forms. Eeeek! (Fun sentence to say: 私とエッチ物をしたいか? Especially if the answer is, "はい!")

Eeeep, gotta learn 100 kanji before September. (Thank goodness I already know some!)
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