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Stupid Sims. Stupid schoolwork. Stupid people.

Haven't updated this thing in ages, have I? Of course, I'm only doing it now to add another ten minutes of procrastination before I sit down and write my (now rather late) Japanese speech.

Let's see.. my mom's up for a visit, which is more good than bad. Also involves me getting lots of stuff for free, which I welcome wholeheartedly.

Horrific punctuation mistake of the week: Please welcome [name] to [bank name]! Deposits, withdrawal's and transfers only, please. (I believe the original also spelled withdrawal as "withdrawl".)

I was baffled by the fact that "deposits" escaped unscathed by the excess apostrophe, but "withdrawals" did not. They're interchangeable in the sentence -- why screw up only one? Bastards.

Bonus! Really retarded mistake somewhere it should not be: A library's website. "How much does a library card cost? The first card is free, but if loose it you must pay $3.00 for a replacement."

You're in a huge building full of books. You are, theoretically, educated. You should know better.

Now then, homework. No Sims 2. I can't play just a little, no, it's six-hour marathons or nothing.
Tags: grammar, life, punctuation

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