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If mom is reading this, MOM, YOU ARE A GODDESS! I LOVE YOU!

^.^;; If she's not reading this everyone's going to think I'm nuts! I'm not that crazy, so I'll explain my outburst. My mom sent me a package ("A little something to help the writing go well") full of chocolates and goodies! O.O!

Inventory: two bags of cappaccino truffles, one bag of coffee truffles (They taste the way a Starbucks smells: goooood!) one back of Almond-roca type things, and a huge package of chocolate covered "biscuts" (Scottish for cookie) and best of all: Kinder Eggs

Kinder eggs are the ultimate in candy goodness. They are egg shaped pieces of chocolate, double layered white and milk chocolate with a little "yolk" inside that contains some sort of fun little toy to build. It's so spiffy!

The package also contained a gold gel pen (pretty!) and a REALLY CUTE little stuffed bear sitting in a stuffed flower pot that says "I love you" on it. ^.......^

Oh yeah, I broke 29,000 words too. I'm going for 30,000 because Maria-chan (The local art diva) said that she would draw some fanart of my characters if I did break 30,000 today. ^.^

My day is going good!!!! *happy dances around the living room*

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