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Because I want to post *something*

I figure the most interesting thing I can do with this journal, as I am not writing much, is post pictures.

Tamago onigiri: sweetened egg, scrambled and mixed with rice. The orange rice and tulip shapes are just me having way too much fun with my lunch.

Kitty helps me with my homework. I believe her ultimate goal is for me to program an automated tuna-dispensing machine.

I think I'll dig up new batteries and take my camera with me tomorrow. I should at least get a picture of my awesome new Japanese-style lunchbox and the tasty food I've been making. Yesterday was chicken yaki-somen and watermelon, but usually, I do onigiri. I'm obsessed. (Hence the new title of my journal, and new mood icons.)

Hm, maybe I should try a voice post.
Tags: cooking, life, pictures

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