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Frustration upon frustration

So I had my final tests and projects schedule a little bit mixed up. Instead of having three things due this Sunday and one on Wednesday, it's the other way around! Bit daunting, there, but I think I'll be able to pull through.

My extreme frustrations for this term are two simple points of punctuation that each of my online teachers has decided to disregard.

My programming teacher abuses apostrophes, i.e., "array's" and "learning's". Thankfully, this is a rare occurrence.

My ethics teacher uses ellipsis in a way that I can only call "stupid". Never three -- or even four! -- at one time. This doctor (isn't it horrifying?) uses no less than six at one time. Yes, six in a row. As an added bonus, there are usually at least three of these to a page. So yes, in any given lecture, it looks like someone vomited dots across the text, or pirates have been particularly busy black-spotting it.

Tags: life, punctuation

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