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Day + moving forward

I had a pretty good day. Movie in English, nothing (just chatting with Shel-chan) in Psych, Math (blech.) and then physics (*silently beats head on desk*). Then there was Writer's club which was TANOSHII~! I actually read something for once, and everyone liked it. *heart*

I am having very very mild writer's block today, but I'm still getting some words out.
Current day total: 510
Current total total: 31,128 (wow... so many words...)

Anybody know how much it would cost me to get my novel printed and bound at Kinko's? Can Kinko's even do that?

Note to Maria-chan: Would a group shot (four or so peoples) be ok? More importantly: what kind of details (of description) are most helpful for you? Make a nice, big list and I'll write 'em up.


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Nov. 20th, 2002 12:22 am (UTC)
A group shot is okay, but that's going to take me longer to draw (I'm no good at drawing that). I don't think I need anything in terms of descriptions...what characters do you want? If you have their physical descriptions written and posted on your site, I can just look off off of there. What kind of a group shot do you want? Funny? Chibi? Serious? Any poses or backgrounds in particular? If you're not looking for something specific, then I just need some basic info to get myself started.
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