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Better things to do

Y'know, there's a real benefit to me forgetting all the math I ever learned and being placed in uber-stupid maths. Assignments take me all of, oh, fifteen minutes. Tests, roughly 30. Woo! Lots of free time for

- Making new LJ icons, 'cause I have something like 80-100 spaces left that I could (should?) fill
- Finish my onigiri mood icon set, 'cause the little rice ball's so damn cute
- Playing Dungeon Keeper 2, 'cause it's good to be evil
- Writing, 'cause I haven't, and I should, and I like to
- Picking up a bit, 'cause my grandmother's son and his girlfriend (I call 'em D&D) will be up to see if I've been a good house-slave
- Doing laundry, 'cause I need to sort out all the clothes I want to get rid of and to make J stop doing laundry at 2 AM
- Beating some games, 'cause I can't be defeated by Pokemon I dislike leaving things unfinished

Busy, busy, la la la~
Tags: life

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