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Hair there be dragons?

J and I missed a movie (showed up a good fifteen, twenty minutes after it had started) and so we ended up wandering through a Walgreen's. Somehow, I came out with everything I need to have curly pink hair tomorrow. I'm testing the curlers on J right now (and have a hilarious picture of him in them, scowling). Should everything go well, I should also have a picture of him with adorably curly hair. Mwahaha.

If the pink and curls turn out as well as I hope (or if I break down and get one of those ceramic flat iron things to do easy curls) I'll be sure to post pictures. Because, y'know, I feel the need to use the internet to broadcast my total loss of sanity.

Edit: Never, ever, ever fall asleep with the spray hair dye in. My pillow, hands, face, and neck are all bright freakin' pink this morning. Oh. My. God. why?!
Tags: life, whee!

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