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Man, today really sucked. I've been sick since yesterday, and today I got the joy that is an ongoing sinus headache.I also managed to get J sick (sorry, J!), but he's feeling less miserable than I, and volunteered to go on a grocery run for me. There are not words to express my love for those who bring me nasal decongestents when I'm sick. Seriously. Okay, honestly it's more of a "taking care of me when I'm sick" thing, but that just doesn't sound as catchy.

I'm making decent inroads on Paper Mario -- I think I'm almost done, even. Yay! Still, I'm better off playing when my head's not all woozy. I tend to screw up in battles a lot.

I hate being sick. Hate hate hate. Something about constant low-level physical discomfort tends to make me really unhappy. This means that A) I'm more likely to be upset and B) I'm more likely to express it. Yeah, I tend to lean more toward the sailor side of vocabulary, pretty much. And just mope about for no particular reason. I feel so useless. Blech.

Also, NaNo is four days away and I have no fucking idea what I'm going to write this year. I'm thinking of digging up a society I'd partially built ages ago, but I have no idea if it's going to be enough to get me writing. I sincerely hope this isn't my first year of failure. It'd be a shame to see a five-year winning streak down the drain.
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