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Bad pun battle via IM

Russell: *grins wryly*
Rachel: *smiles wheatly*
Russell: Oh, don't try that. It goes against your grain.
Rachel: I'm sorry, I've been bread for it
Russell: *grins* Well, you did rise to the occasion
Rachel: It was the yeast I could do
Russell: You didn't knead to try
Rachel: Dough or doughnut; there is no try
Russell: Oh, please, I've had enough of this hole-ier than thou crap
Rachel: Starting to glaze over, are you?
Russell: Please stop. Don't make me bag...el.
Rachel: *laughs* This is keeping me from my homework in a delightful manner
Rachel: Thank you
Russell: Just trying to keep you from frittering away your time
Rachel: Yes, it wouldn't do just to loaf around
Russell: Well done. That one was delivered quite dead...pan
Rachel: Shall we toast to our bad jokes?
Russell: Ok, I should go soon. If you need me, though, just, you know, challah

For the record, I love puns far more than I should.
Tags: silliness

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