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Well, I have an IUD now. Five years of being basically sterile! I'm pretty happy about it, though I'm still cramping a lot, so I'm kinda grumpy.

I was nervous yesterday, and even worse this morning. Then I took some oxycodone, and everything very rapidly became hilarious. I was still pretty scared after I was on the table with no pants on (never a comfortable situation!) but having Russell with me made things a lot easier.

The doctor was really nice (she's been doing this for eight years, apparently) and got things over with pretty fast. She popped in the speculum, sterilized things, gave me a quick shot, and got down to business. I think she used a bit of topical numbing before she gave me the shot -- it hurt a lot, but it was sort of a burning pain rather than the pinchy feeling of a shot.

The sounding was the first bad bit. I cramped up, though only mildly. Russell held my hands and talked to me, reminded me to breathe, etc. My uterus is 7 cm, apparently. Hello, (mostly) useless trivia.

Insertion itself was only a little bit more painful than the sounding, and mostly because it went on longer. Once it was over and all the stuff was out, I felt much better, though I little light-headed.

The doctor showed me what the strings looked and felt like, and gave me all the follow-up information, then left. She said I could take as long as I wanted to recover, which was good. I broke down crying after, mostly because of the whole release of nervous tension bit. (I tend to freak out the most _after_ I get through whatever difficult situation I'm in -- it's handy.)

After a little bit, the cramping got nastier, and I've been spotting a bit. It still hurts, about two hours later, but it's not much worse than normal period cramps. I'm lying on a heating pad, and can get up and move around okay. I actually feel better now, and if things continue, I should be fine within a couple of days.

For the record, I have a Mirena, which is the hormonal kind. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for no periods in the future!

Long story short: it hurt, but not very bad for very long, and it's so. very. worth it.

Now I curl up with ice cream and the Avengers and heal up.

I've had it in for about eight hours now, and things have gotten much better. I've been taking one ibuprofen as needed, and that keeps things tolerable. The pain's somewhere between "did too many sit-ups" and moderate period cramps.

I'm also increasingly happy. Five years! No babies! So worth it.

Edit the second:
So day two looks to be a lot better. I'm still a little sore (especially if I bend or sit for long periods of time), but it's nothing like yesterday and I haven't even taken any painkillers.

Now that the annoying pain's gone, I'm even happier I went through with it. It was more scary than anything, and now that it's done, I'm delighted. It'll do wonders for my mental health, I'm betting, which is always a plus.
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