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Candy overload

So in the mail today I got a package from my mum.

Candy. Nothing but candy (oh, okay, there was a brief note).

So, what do you do with a massive box of chocolates? Well, if you're me...

...you put it in a jar! An eight inch high flower vase, more specifically. Then you realize the vase looks odd without any flowers or anything.

Well, glad we dodged that bullet! Still have half a box of candy left, though. Hmm...

Another flower vase (this one's only 5 inches high) and a flag made of chocolate solves that tricksy problem.

Except that I still have a double handful of chocolate left. Um... no, I think I've run out of vases. I'll just leave it be.

Plus I should have a box of video games coming my way via UPS a bit later today. Woo hoo!



Dec. 17th, 2008 08:48 am (UTC)
Delighted to know I've encouraged your artistic side. *grin*