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Men with large instruments don't have to go down on girls.
No, dude, she's going to need that extra lube if you have Penis-zilla hiding in your pants.

Take me gently caressing my bunny!
What? What?!

Hello, my gentle sun, let's talk.
...Hippy spam?

Meet and marry a gorgeous Russian queen.
Previously, I had no idea that Russian cross-dressers were in high demand.

Use it for carnal carnivals
Frankly, I think this sounds like great fun.

Give your partner a one-way ticket to ecstasy-land.
Then watch them be completely unable to go about their day-to-day lives.

Look like real macho with that trendy watch!
Trendy equals macho now? Also... Dear Internet: I DO NOT HAVE A PENIS.

And on a more think-y vein, a game called Lateral, The Word Association Game. It's quite difficult, but really fun once you get into it. The user content, however, can be terrifying. ("All u need 2 no about sex!!", "Do you know all your Pokemon?", etc.)
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