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I'm a celebrity?

Today was kinda freaky. Very, very good, but freaky.

First off, I wake up and Maria-chan's added a new Gaijin (You rock, M'ia-chan!) and one of my 'fic sites has updated. I also have the warm fuzzy feeling of writer's club coming up after school.

At school, I get to tell someone I finished my novel. (his response was not enthusiastic)

After school..... @.@

Mrs. Wheeler spends a lot of time talking about how I finished my novel, etc. I'm embarrassed, 'cause I don't like being the center of attention. My school's *principal* comes up from a meeting to say hi, and that she thinks I'm great. At this point, I'm more embarrassed, and slightly freaked out. Mrs. Wheeler gives me a really pretty journal, and a card signed by all my friends, which is good, but still freaky. I have to read some of my novel, which is.... bad for me. ^.^;;; I hate reading my own work.

After all this, Mrs. Wheeler tells me she got a small local newspaper to come and interview me, tomorrow. o.o I'm kinda scared. They're going to take my picture, which sucks, because I'm very not photogenic. When I get home my grandma gives me chocolate for finishing my novel, which I will cherish for about five minutes before scarfing the lot. (It's really good chocolate!)

In other (aka not about me) news, a paperback exchange place just opened semi-near my house! Yay! Books! ^.^;; Yeah, I'm a geeky girl. It's all fun though. Maybe I can find the sequel to "Magic's Pawn" if only I knew what it was called....


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Dec. 4th, 2002 01:48 am (UTC)
Sorry Rach, I just had to respond. It's 1:40 am and I just got off work (I know, boring). Congratulations (I know, I'm sorry, said way too much). I didn't mean to embarress you but I'm proud of you: you've done more than I did and you deserve the praise (maybe not as overwhelming to the rest of us but. . .). I want a copy not only to proof but to enjoy. Well, I've gotta go. . . talk to ya later. You're a great friend. Thanx!!! I'm sure you can guess who this is. . . :)
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