October 26th, 2002



I updated my site! (Not the NaNo one) Yay! I added a wallpaper (yaoi) and a bunch of links. I'm too lazy to add my poetry page (though I will someday...) and my PSOH 'fic. Sumimasen!

Maria-chan, did ya test out the password? Does it work?

Jax-chan! Post comments, onegai! It's nice to know you're reading, nee? ^.^

In other news, I had to go to the dentist's today. Blech. I think they stretched my mouth out of shape and/or disjointed my jaw. ^.^;; Not too much fun. I did get to go shopping and pick up two containers of cappuccino for NaNoWriMo. I'm *so* going to need it. ^.^
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Just a thought

Listening to a really pretty song, and I found a translation for it at Animelyrics.com:

Love Love Love
by Dreams Come True

"Why is it
That when I just want to say
How much I really, really like something
It just won't come out right?

When I pray
That I'll see you in my dreams
Just that night
You don't appear even once

Why is it
That when I just want to tell someone I really love
How much I love them
I start crying?

Even though the day we met
Is little by little becoming a memory
I love you, I love you
Why is it that I cry?
That I cry?"

It's sweet and a bit angsty, and the song is wonderful.
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    Dreams Come True - Love Love Love