October 29th, 2002



I finished a grand total of ONE more character profile last night. ^.^;; I didn't even upload it to my site, which I think I'll do this morning before I head for school. I need to find somewhere in school that I can get to a computer with internet access.

I had a very good night's sleep with my pink teddy. ^......^

NaNoWriMo in THREE DAYS! I'm so excited!
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Quote + More of All the Little People (in my head)

My quote for the day is, "No day is complete until you've been bitch-slapped in the face by your own hair." I had this rather odd experience when I spun around waaaay too fast. My hair (which was braided by a friend) whipped around and smacked me in the face. ^.^;; Fun, fun.

I *must* finish my character's physical descriptions in under three days. More like two. NaNo starts first thing Friday morning for me, and I need character descriptions.

*******Pictures would be nice too, OH ARTIST FRIENDS!!*************

That means you too, Jax-chan. ^.~
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Doin' betta

I now have 8/13 of my characters physical descriptions done and uploaded! Yay! NaNo is in TWO DAYS! DEAR GOD! What have I signed up for...? My friend Jackie is threatening to maul me at the end of the month for getting her into this. ^.^ It's kinda funny, really.

Has anyone that's reading this looked at my poetry on my site? I'd really love to have some comments!!! *HINT HINT*

Also, ANIME CLUB STARTS THIS THURSDAY! WAI~~~~~~~!!!! We're gonna show Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. It's great, because Thursday is Halloween. Yay! I kinda want to go Trick or Treating, but.... I don't know. I'd feel kinda silly, ya know?
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