November 1st, 2002


I'm awake and alive~

I'm up! I'm probably going to spend most of the day working on my NaNo Novel. I have my quota half done for today already! Yay! Hopefully, my first site update (or rather, Maria's first update) will be tomorrow. ^.^ You guys will get your first glimpse of my novel! Aren't ya excited? *rolls eyes*

Yeah, I bet you don't care. *nyaaaaaaaah*

Good luck to everyone else who's doing this crazy thing!!
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I have reached my quota for the day! I now have 2012 words, and I'm not stopping yet! I've got so much to do, story-line wise, that I just don't want to stop writing right away.

I am going to break and check my fanfic sites though. ^.^;;
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