December 7th, 2002


Last night + homework (grrrr)

Went to see "The Curious Savage" last night at school. ^.^ It was really good, and I knew a bunch of the actors. I also got to go with a lot of my friends... and all their boyfriends. >.< Yeah, anyway....

My new major project for the weekend is simple: finish all my homework (ha ha ha.)

English: Pleasantville paper, Fahrenheit 451 journal/questions (Reading ahead and finishing the question packet would be good too.)

Psychology: Get book and write paper on it, do vocab.

Math: ... A lot. Just a lot. I'll have to actually go look, but I think I have four assignments I could finish.

Physics: Green worksheet, white worksheet(s) with too many questions

Japanese: Easy! Translation work, piece of cake. (I'll be starting with this...) Memorize the -te form.

Theatre Tech: None. This class is beautiful.

Creative Writing: POV story (Fun!)

History: "Big Hairy Assignment" and worksheet.

...I think I have enough to keep me busy for the weekend. (Read: locked in my room working frantically)
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