December 8th, 2002


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I spent the better part of this morning reading a "flame book" on a yaoi site... o.o What the...?! Lots of scary narrow-minded people who feel like bashing on others for no apparent reason.

You know, I'm *glad* my site isn't on any search engines. I don't want to deal with people that stupid on a regular basis.

On the other hand, I'm probably going to start doing some link trading soon, and declare, "Screw the flamers, I want people to read my work!"

Besides, I *love* arguing, and I rarely lose, as long as people will listen to reason. I can consider flames as humor posts and laugh at them, and then flame back. ^.^ *whips out verbal mallet*
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Dipping my toe into the proverbial waters

Ok, I have linked to most of my favorite 'fic sites, and I think at least one site is going to link to me in exchange. I'm hoping more people will see my site now. ^.^;; Not that there's that much to see, but I'm sure someone could spend five or ten minutes looking around.
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