December 19th, 2002


In Scotland

I made it to Scotland in one piece, but I'm dead tired. I've been up for about... 27 1/2 hours total, not counting my drifting in and out of sleep on the plane. My checked luggage got lost, which makes me reaaaaaally mad. Damn airport. Mom and Brian took me shopping so I have pajamas and underwear, etc. ^.^;

Maria-chan, did you talk to Ryan? How did it go? You can e-mail me if you don't want to post it for everyone to see. ^.^ I hope things are ok.

I hope Tyler's got some fatal illness, for the record.

Could someone get me Shel-chan's e-mail address? I didn't think to ask for it before I left and I have no way to send him messages.

I'm dead tired, and I'm going to take a shower and change into my pj's, even tho it's only 4:30pm here. It feels like 8:30 am to me. Blech. I haven't had a shower in a whole day, and I've been on a place. >.< Ick, I am UNCLEAN~~~!

On a happy note (mostly for Jax-chan, if she's even reading this *sniffle*) I'll probably take care of my neopets while I'm here. I might also get some homework done.


^.^ On a *very* happy note, I have seen bishi, and the world is a happy place to be.

Mom said we can go see Harry Potter *and* Lord of the Rings, as long as we don't go see them on the same day. ^.^ Whee~

P.S. To all my friends, if you e-mail your address (street, not e-mail) I'll send ya a postcard! Maybe even a letter!

Ok, I must become clean. Ja, minna~
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(no subject)

I'm clean! I'm clean! *jumps for joy*

*ahem* Now, does anyone (Jax, Maria-chan) have a copy of the 1st person piece I did for Creative Writing? If you do, send it to me, please! But only if it's the final one.

Thank you~!
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