December 20th, 2002


Morning update (1)

It's just about 1:30 here, and all my friends are still sound asleep at home... or they should be. *Looks at Jax*

I got e-mails from Maria-chan and Jax this morning! Yay! Thanks guys, I feel loved! (Seriously!) I get to go shopping today (for groceries, and maybe fabric) so nothing too exciting. Mom's going to make me new clothes though, which is SPIFFY!

I got my luggage back ok, nothing damaged at all. Woo hoo! I got all my old clothes *and* all my new clothes.

I have a really comfy bed, too, very nice since I can't have my own. It's a couch that folds out into a "futon" type thing, and I have a HUGE FLUFFY blanket. I swear it's at least four or five inches thing, all fluffy. Yeah, I'm spoiled over here. I even got breakfast cooked *for* me. ^......^ Ah, shiawase~ Mom's trying to teach me to eat European style, which means not switching hands to cut things and holding my fork upside down in my left hand. It's pretty difficult, since I've eaten like an American for years. ^.^;; I have to say, it's much neater.

Ok, everyone, send me e-mail! Tell people like Will and Shel-chan to send me e-mail (give them both my current address though, they don't have it)

One last note for Jax-chan, I'm taking care of my neopets! Be happy!

Ja, minna-san
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I went grocery shopping with my mom, and I've noticed a lot of cultural/language differences over here, besides the fact that everyone has accents. ^.^

Happy Christmas is high on the list. Very odd for me when people say it. Apparently "merry" means drunk... *snicker* In which case I am wishing all my friends (I mean YOU William!!) A very NOT merry christmas.

Driving on the left side of the road is fun, except I keep trying to get into the driver's seat, thinking it's the passenger side. ^.^;;

The 8 hour time difference is awful. I wanted to call everyone when I got up (11:30ish ^.^) and I realized it was about just about 4am. ^....^ Be happy I didn't. I can call you guys more during winter break. Anyone want to tell me when they'll be home and gone so I can? I can call about noon there easily, if we're not doing anything. (That's about 4 here)

Also, (to Maria-chan and Shel-chan) AIM! Go on AIM when you get up and about 3 or 4 in the afternoon, I might be online. In the meantime, SEND ME E-MAIL! ONEGAI!

I miss everybody, except Tyler and all the stupid people. ^.^
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