December 22nd, 2002


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Today was an artsy day. We went to a musem (The Burrell collection) and an operetta (Die Fledermaus [the bat])

The museum was neat, had lots of pretty ancient stuff, including a glaive which I would love to own (and sharpen). I picked up cards for my family and postcards for Maria-chan, Tison, and Nicole (who's last name I can't remember... ack!)

The operetta was hilarious, it was a comedy about people trying to lie to each other and getting busted big time. We got ice cream during the intermission, which was goood. (chocolate w/ chocolate chips!) We got rained on on our way out, which was not fun, but ok.

Tomorrow we're having company over, which I despise. (Having company over, the people themselves are very nice)

On monday Mom and I are going fabric shopping. She's going to make me new clothes, which is goooood! Yay! I get to pick out the patterns and everything. I'm thinking hybrid Ren style clothes and anything resembling a cheongsam. Maybe some skirts, lots of shirts for sure. I don't really care if people think I'm a loser because my mom made some of my clothes. She's a very good seamstress, and she's worked for a theatre company. There's no shame in having someone who's *good* make clothes for you. Especially not since they're free!

I think that's all that's happened today, ja ne!

Man, I really miss everybody! Guys, come visit me, would ya!
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Ah, shiawase~

Things are looking very, very good.

Mom and I sat down and we picked out the patterns for my new clothes. I'm going to have a whole bunch of stuff (mom said she'll make lots if I'm willing to help out). The most notable is (going to be) a gray satin-y shirt with sleeves made from this *spiffy* fabric. It's black with little shiny mirror-like pieces on it. It'll be spiffy. Also, I'm going to have a cheongsam-type thing done in red fabric with black flower designs on it. Kirei!

The other happy thing is that Jax met this bishi (I hear groans from my friends) at her karate dojo. He's 19, can use a bouken (wooden sword... ^.^!), likes anime and (according to Jax) has *long* black hair. The description alone sounds great, and Jax said she thinks he wants to meet me. Kyaa~~~! ^..........^ Bishi in general are good, so I think this will be veeeery good. ^.^

I'm having a ball, and I get to go fabric shopping tomorrow and hopefully start making some of my new clothes. Fun! Live is good!
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