December 24th, 2002


Kyou today

Today wasn't very interesting.

Mom and I went shopping, got a bunch of groceries, since all the stores will be closed for the next few days. (Yikes... Christmas is tomorrow?!)

A programmer guy named James came over and he and Brian talked for a long time and I barely understood a word. Of course, I was focused on cutting out patterns, so I wasn't really listening. Ick. Cutting out patterns is *not* fun, but it's worth it for the clothes. ^.^

Mom's also teaching me to do tapestry work. I'm not going to try and make any of those giant wall sized ones, it would take me more than a few years. (Ack) I'm going to do small, pretty Celtic patterns. ^.^ Since I know at least one person *cough WILLIAM cough* who likes Celtic things. I got a bunch of pretty thread colors (Black, gray, blue and light green) so I'll do a bunch of tapestry things!

Well, this is a bit early, but Merry Christmas everyone. (Or happy Christmas if you're over here in the UK...) I miss all you guys!!

P.S. What do you all want for Christmas!?
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