December 27th, 2002


A poem

Written at about two or three in the morning. (My best time for ideas...)

^.^ Whoever you think this is written to, you're probably wrong. And, if you're going to ask me who... Sore wa himitsu desu! ^......^

~No Regrets~ (I need to get more creative titles...)

You're all I've ever wanted,
And everything I can never have
I see you in so many people
But they're just pieces of the one I love
Thoughts of you fill my days
Millions roam my head at night
Everything that I hold dear,
I'd give it all to see you smile
I'll never hear the words I want
Pass across your quiet lips
But I'll cherish what we have now
And love you with no regrets

Yeah, it could use some editing, and I should post it to my site, but I'm to lazy to do either. (That and I'm leaving soon for HP)
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'nother movie rant

Ok, today I went to see Harry Potter. Of course, it was hours ago, so I've probably forgotten about half of what I wanted to say.

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Ok, rant over. I miss my friends. I wish someone would comment on my poem. I have to get up early tomorrow to go out to lunch with Mom, Brian, and Brian's parents. Why? I will be stuck bored out of my mind listening to all the adults talk. ~.~ Kanashii~ For now, I think I need to settle in bed, pop in my headphones and pray for inspiration.

To everyone(RL friends): e-mail me! Tell me that I'm missed! Tell me Tyl-- somebody who really shouldn't be named has keeled over and died! Tell me William's ok for once! Something! (BTW, I'm wearing the ring here where he can't see it and interpret it [wrongly] that it's a symbol that I like him. *shudder*)

Gah, I've written pages again. Why can't I be inspired to write stories?
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