January 3rd, 2003


And now for something completely different...

I've been kicking back and doing nothing for almost two weeks, and now it's getting down to the wire and I have to get down to work. I have lots of homework to do, so my gaming frenzy has stopped. (Also, Jax-chan borrowed Virtua Fighter 4, which I just got two days ago... I want it back...)

Luckily, I have been inspired to write something for my Creative Writing project. (*phew*) I'm going to write a shoujo-manga style story, except... different. My main character won't be too bright, but she's not going to be a happy go lucky flake (cough MIAKA cough). She's also a gamer, making my genre "Gamer Shoujo." ^.^ Should be interesting, since I've managed to create a plotline that's very confusing without any names in it. I need a name and some ideas for the game (virtual reality, of course). I don't want it to be like every other virtual reality game story (.hack//sign) so it's going to take some work. .Hack//sign is actually what inspired me to write this, along with the How to Draw manga book about Shoujo manga. Well, even if it turns out to be blah and a complete rip off, it should be fun to write. (I'd really like it to be *good* though...)

I also want to finish my tapestry thing that I started, gray and green celtic-knot thing. ^.^;; After the homework, after the homework.

And of course, my games are calling me. Vampire Hunter D (contains... Zombies... I HATE Zombies!), The Bouncer (Contains bishi. I LIKE bishi!), and I'd like to play more Viruta Fighter 4 if I can get it back (good luck...). If I play through the bouncer one more time (I need to play with Sion, he keeps dying) I get to fight a shirtless Dauragon (or however you spell his name)! Yay! He's evil, and bishi. It's great. I love Square.
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