January 28th, 2003


Ah, shiawase~~

Ok, today is going to turn out pretty good. I'm actually glad to go back to school; I'm strange like that. I miss my friends, ya know. Well, except Maria-chan 'cause I got to spend three out of four days this weekend with her! Yay! =^.^=! I went over there yesterday with a bunch of other people (who shall not be named... 'cause I'm lazy) and they practiced a little (Maria-chan's in a band! ^.^) and then we watched anime. ^.....^ I got to see FLCL which is a wonderful mess with your mind sort of anime. @.@ Grungy Hamster... Vengeful Lobster.... New inside joke, anyone?

I woke up this morning from a *really* nice dream. (^......^!) and it wasn't one of the times where I woke up just before the good part, either. I got through the good part and THEN woke up! Go subconscious! I love my brain! ^.^;; Weird sounding....

The third happy thing is that there's Writer's Club today! WOO HOO! Paaaaaaaaaaarty! Paaaaaarty! *happy dance*

Oh, the other good thing is that it's the beginning of a new semester which means no physics (yay!) but no psychology (not-yay). I think I'll take advanced psych next year. ^.^ Man, I could leave early today, except there's writer's club. Hmm... I have to find somewhere to hang out for the last period. Maybe Mrs. Wheeler's room.... ^....^!

Man, I am so happy, it's almost sick and wrong. ^......^

One downside, no psych = no Shel-chan today. *sniffles* Dang. Oh well, one negative, four postitives, I think it works out ok. ^.^
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I'm in the library right now, enjoying my first excused period of the semester. It's beautiful. I think I told Tison five or ten times during math, "I can leave early!"

Except I can't today, because there's WRITER'S CLUB! The extra happy news is that Shel-chan's coming. ^.^!

My other happy news is that I finished ALL of my math homework. I feel good today.

My other other happy news is that there's a bishi in the class I T.A. for. Oh, the world is a beautiful place today. Now, if I can just finish my english essay, I will be home free tonight, which means LOTS OF FF5 GOODNESS! WOOT!

Excuse me, I'm going to go explode from happiness now. ^.^
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Dang it I tried to post this and I deleted it. Grr.

Ok, I'm in the library enjoying my first ever free period! I told Tison five or ten times in math, "I can leave early!"

Now, the reasons I'm extra-ultra-super happy today:

Excused period
Finished my math homework (Go me!)
Shel-chan's coming to Writer's Club
There's a bishi in the class I T.A.
I have time to type up my english report right now, so I won't have homework and can play FF5!

Life is good. The livejournal song is scaaary!
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I will not tolerate intolerance.

I've found one more thing that makes me sick: book banning. People are trying to ban good books, books I read as a child and loved. People want to ban books because of some reasons that are more or less reasonable, and others that are totally unreasonable.

The reasonable ones include excessive violence and graphic sexual description.

The unreasonable ones include:

"occult theme or promoting the occult or Satanism," (That would be books like Harry Potter)

"promoting a religious viewpoint" (What, do they want to ban all non-Christian holy books?)

"promoting homosexuality" (Books that deal with homosexuality, mainly directed at teens)

The theme running through all these is not letting people make their own choices. We don't want them to think about any religion other than the one we drill into their heads. We don't want them to be "fags" or "dykes." People like that.... There isn't a word for them. They are cruel, and they are hurting others in the worst possible way: they are opressing their minds.

I'm sure there's teens out there that are thinking about suicide or have turned to drugs and alcohol because of intolerant families. Get a clue, people. Kids don't just "go bad" on their own, they have reasons for doing things. Let us make our own choices, our own mistakes, and we'll probably suprise you.

To intolerant parents: the worst thing that could happen to your kids if you let them think is that they could grow up like you.
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^.^ Now that I have your attention...

How'd you like to go to a spiffy sounding Japanese festival this weekend? It's Sunday. Dad asked me if I wanted to go, and I might want to, but it'd be dull to go alone, just with dad. ^.^;; Parents, not so great to hang out with, ya know? Dad says we'll be going at about 1:30 or so. Anyway, if you're interested, here's a link:


^.^ Kite, kudasai~
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