March 6th, 2003


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Blech, I'm supposed to go in for math help before school today, but it's not going to happen. Instead, I'm going to go pick up homework for Jax-chan since she'll probably be gone for the rest of the week. *sniff* ~.~

There's anime club today, wai~! We're showing Nightwalker with... *deep breath) SHI~~~~~~DO~~~~~~~! Oh, and the opening song is incredibly wonderful. Maria-chan and I listened to it for almost an hour on repeat, I think. ^.^

La la la... not much going on. I don't want to go to creative writing today, especially if Miss Vicki's not back! (Can I call you Vicki-chan, Ms. Wheeler?) >.< My class is bad even when she *is* there, and if she's gone... all hell *will* break loose. It will be baaaaad. Baaaaaad, I say.

Oh, and I made cookies. They're pretty good, and I'll bring them to share. ^.^ Oh, Shel-chan? You can't have one unless you agree that you look like Tsuzuki. 'Cause you DO! Leaving chains, collars and Muraki's disturbingness behind, you seriously do look like him. You should go as him for cosplay day! (May 8th?) You can even borrow my l337 trenchcoat! ^.....^ Pleeeeeeease? I won't make evil yaoi innuendo comments about you for the whole day!

Maria-chan, who the heck should I cosplay as? I don't look like any anime charcters! *oh the angstfulness!* Heh. I should cosplay as a bishi. ^.^! Or Sir Integral, who really looks like a bishi. And chibi Vash, for that matter. ^.^

Eep. I should be leaving about now. Oops. *runs*
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"Nothing? Nothing? Nothing, tra la la?"

Today was pretty dull, but not bad at all. It got better as the day went on. ^.^

I went in early, as planned, but I left my math book expecting to have to pick up work for Jax. Well, Jax was back. YAY! That's good, but it was bad that I didn't have my book. So, I went upstairs, planning to explain what happened to my math teacher. Then I waited outside his class for about fifteen minutes and he didn't show. I was, at the most, five minutes late, since I agreed to show up "around eight" I would have expected him to be there. Well, no. *shakes fist at math teacher*

So, that sucked. Japanese wasn't bad, but a bit dull. I wish the class moved a lot faster. There were some funny jokes with Amanda-chan and Maiku-chan and the word "koibito." Heh.

Theatre Tech was... BWAHAHAHAHA! Funny beyond all belief. Caleb walked into class wearing this... thing that I can only describe as a lace trench coat. ^.^;; Kinda. He proceeded to hit on Shel-chan *all* class, which was hilarous. >.> He even grabbed Shel-chan's ass while he was down, which I thought was a little too cruel, but still damn funny. ^.^ It's a sign of how mellow Shel-chan is that he didn't kill Caleb for that. Heck, I would've at least tried to kill him. ^.^;;

Lunch was good... I got a massive sugar high, Mitch was trying to be scary, Jax was ultra-tired. I scared Tyler by chirping "Doumo!" in a really, really cheery voice. Heh heh heh. I can and will use sugar highs for eeeeeeevil.

Creative Writing wasn't so bad. The sub managed to keep the class pretty much under control and even pretty quiet. It was still kind of exhausting though. It seems to sap my energy.

See history. In History we take notes and watch videos. Yay, history makes me want to stab myself with a blunt object! ~.~

Anime club was good, as usual. Trying to steal stuff from Shel-chan, chatting about fanservice and making bad innuendo jokes, a pretty good day. The evil one (Josh-chan) was there, and apparently he's actually going to carry through with training me. YOSHA! Maybe I can help him with Japanese in return or something. *shrug*

Shel-chan is planning to team up with both Maria-chan and I to cheer us up. (Like him and I would team up to cheer up Maria-chan, then they'd team up to cheer up me, and then Maria-chan and I could work on cheering up him, 'cause he's really angstier than either of us.) Yeah, that should be interesting. ^.^ Be happy or else, dammit!

Oh, proof that there is karma: I have now mistaken women for bishounen twice, and one of the two women was MARIA-CHAN! GOMEN NASAI! I must again purge my mind! *bangs head on desk* I still think the other one looks like a guy, and I'm not alone in this, but I guess she's just a bishounen girl. ^.^;; I think that's someone's screen name... Hmm...

Oh, and I think I'm going to cosplay as Watari for cosplay day. ^....^! I just realized he looks (and sometimes acts) a *lot* like Alec/Alexander from Ayashi no Ceres. How creepy is that?! Maybe I should go as Alec so I can use his funny speech patterns! He says "deshi" instead of "desu" I think. It's kawaii~~! Shel-chan is going as Tsuzuki, which works great! Whee, we'll be from the same series. Maria-chan is going to be a generic Jrocker, I think. >.< Which mean's she'll be bishounen again. IT'S SO SCARY AND WRONG! But spiffy, in a totally disturbing way. Kinda like Muraki. Heh.

Geez, I've ranted on and on here, but I feel like ranting some more!

Since I got an amazing amount of commentary on my idea to do a serial story (One! THANK YOU, Vicki-chan!) I think I'll give it a try. This weekend, I'm going to finish my homework in preparation for me leaving, and then I'll start planning for the story. I'd like to do a more realistic story for once, something without deities (perverted or otherwise) and magical powers. I was thinking a romance story, but with some twist. Maybe yaoi, maybe not. *gasp* I've read some really good original stories lately, and they've made me want to work more on my original work. ^.^ Now, if I can just find that site that had tips on how to write a serial story, I'd be doing good....

Oh, I got my book on the Japanese poet Hitomaro today... but it's all in Japanese! O.O I was shocked when I opened the book and started flipping through. It makes me sad that I can't read it, since I *love* Hitomaro's works, but it also strengthens my resolve to learn Japanese! ^.^ Maybe I'll start with something easier... like manga. ^......^!

I have a poem to post, but I'm not sure I want to post it yet. I guess I will and HOPEFULLY GET SOME FEEDBACK! *cough LJFRIENDS cough* ^.^ Doumo! Oh, there's probably typos in this, since I'm going to type it directly from my notebook without (much) editing. Yes, it's angsty again. It's not my usual brand of angst, and Maria-chan said it was angsty and sweet at the same time. ^.^;; Yeah, anyway, here it is. It doesn't rhyme, so HA!

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