March 11th, 2003


" ^.~ himitsu~~! "

Once again, morning. Man, I could get tired of this whole "Get up, things happen, sleep, get up" sort of routine. ^.^;; Of course, that's just what life is. Hee... I'm having a weird morning.

It must be Shel-chan's fault. ^.^

Yay, there's Writer's Club today! I'm trying to convince Mitch-chan to go too, but I don't know how likely that is. ^.^;; Well, it'll be great no matter what. Maa... I'm kinda tired. Must've stayed up too late last night. Chatting online is a dangerous pasttime. Especially if there's a lot of the "^.......^ Himitsu~~!" stuff going on. o.6 Yeah, I mean you. Well, I was doing that too, but still... Confusing brain-fried people is meaaaaaaaaaan. Nyah.

I hope today is an easy day, and I hope I get stuff done. I'm probably going to be in my math class during my free period (O.o two classes of math in a row...) so I can finish my homework. ~.~ Not fun, not fun. I'll just hang onto the fact that there's Writer's Club after school.

Now, I have to go. Must burn myself another Porno Graffitti cd, so people can freak out when I tell them what I'm listening to. That, and they're music r0xxors! ^.^
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    Porno Graffitti - Guava Juice (o.o?)

"tsumetai mizu o kudasai/dekitara aishite kudasai"

For future reference, I should NEVER under ANY circumstances sit in one spot without moving and do math. EVER. It hurts my brain *and* my body. ~.~ Ouchie.

The rest of my day was just a big blur of blah. (Alliteration power!) English, we watched a movie. TA, I pretty much kicked back and worked on my rough draft for my creative writing project which is due tomorrow! Eep!

Then there was Writer's Club, which was pretty quiet except for the brief moment of craziness when the room spoke up in the general consensus that Shel-chan's hot. Heh. ^.~ Shel-chan, I actually feel sorry for you this time. Gomen ne~! I feel bad, but that can't stop me from laughing... ^.^;;

Anyway, Writer's club was a very nice pick me up after *killing* my brain in math. >.< Somehow... killing my brain made the brain-fry I got the day before go away... ^.^ \\// Wait... It really wasn't that bad, and a fried brain is better than a dead one. Dang.

Maria-chan loved the little statue of Legolas I got in a kinder egg from France. ^.^ I'm glad I found something to cheer her up, since she was dead tired. Poor Maria-chan, all work and no sleep. ~.~

I've been doing a lot of cheering up lately, which makes me feel happy. Hey, if I can make other people happy I'm good for something, and something important if I do say so myself. ^.^ Maa... Maybe I should try to cheer me up sometimes too... ^.^;; Oh well, I'm not so angsty now.

Nearly dying of curiosity, but not angsty. *shakes fist* You and your secrets, Shel-chan. Geez. ~.~ I hope it's some really good news that'll bring happiness to the world... or just good news. Good news is... spiffy. ^.^;;

Ja, I have to work on my evil fun-fun creative writing project now. ^.^;; Don't worry, Vicki-chan, I only don't like it right now 'cause I'm pressed for time.

Hai, itekimasu~
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    Porno Graffitti (see a pattern?) - Kuusou Kagaku Shounen