March 15th, 2003


I... aww.... *mushy feelings~~~~*

Ok, to everyone that replied to my last entry... Thanks guys! ^....^ You guys are the main reasons I have to keep going somedays. You're the greatest.

Maria-chan, Shel-chan: I think I'll be back the 27th or the 28th which happens to be FRIDAY! I'll have to check my travel times, but if I'll be back in time, is it a date? ^.~

No rambling today, folks. I've got to get some stuff done before I leave, like packing and some homework. Maria-chan, you left the mushy panda (!!!) some makeup, and the Glay CD behind. Do you think you can come by Sunday night to pick up those and whatever homework I finished? Arigatou~!

Hope everybody has a good day!
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Ok, Maria-chan, I've officially joined you in your Gackt obsession. He's too pretty, and his voice is astounding.

In keeping with my usual trend for new obsessions, I shall post lyric bits on my LJ! ^.^ Oh, and Maria-chan? We *HAVE* to find some of his concert dvds. I really really really want to see a live performance of "Vanilla" Have you seen the translation for it? o.O Just go look. It's... wow. Ecchi-thought inducing. ^.^;; Do you get the kind of joke with "Kami-sama?" ^.~ Think MM and you'll have it.

All these lyric bits come from Mina-P's Translation Library. She's translated a *lot* of Gackt lyrics, so many that he has his own section! Go her! ^.^

In this world that melts away, I'll continue to love you
Faltering and lost and unneeded
Come here with me...
~~From "Illness Illusion"

The entirety of "Nine Spiral" is great, especially the part where Gackt sings/says "Korosarete" ("Kill me") in a reaaaaaaaaly evil voice. o.......o

All of "Memories," especially these two lines:
In the middle of the night, I slip out with you as we're illuminated by the moonlight
"I won't wake up from this dream" you said, as you held onto my hand
(Very sweet and mushy)

If it wasn't obvious already, "Vanilla." All of it. Every single totally ecchi and wrong word! ^.^

Ok, enough lyric bits. I'm procrastinating too much. ^.^;; I'll probably use Gackt lyrics for my subjects for all my posts. ^.......^
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