March 22nd, 2003


I'm ba~~~~ack! Didja miss me? ^.~

Minna, ogenki kai? I went to the Isle of Arran on Friday, didn't have a chance to even say I was leaving. ~.~ Well, I'm back now, and I had quite a lot of fun... I wrote up a semi-detailed description of what I did, but I'll put it seperate from the main part of this entry because it's really, really long. ^.^ I got bored on the ferry ride back.

Collapse )

I'm going to write out everything else I want to say before I even start to type up that huge trip babble. ^.^ How's everyone been? Maria-chan, are you still alive? You haven't updated since Wednesday! o.o! If you don't update tomorrow (Sunday) it will be... FOUR DAYS! *dum dum dum!*

I miss everybody. *sniff* Luckily, I have a few projects in mind (presents for y'all back home... I so did not just say "y'all. Wash my mouth out with soap.) but other than my projects I'll not have much to do for the next few days. (Say, until the 27th or so.) I might someday manage to update my site like I keep saying I will. Yeah, right. ^.^ Well, I'll start typing up my trip thingy now, 'cause it's gonna take me a while.


Ok, that *did* take a while. Geez. Mom's home now, and she's probably going to kick me off, so I'd better post this... right.... NOW!
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