April 1st, 2003


Today... is evil!

>.< I have already been hit by one April Fools Day joke, and I pray that the thing I just read is a joke.... even though it says it's not.

The joke one was Okashina Okashi, which completly fooled me. ^.^;; The one that claims not to be a joke is 8-bit theater.... o.o please let it be a joke. Otherwise... it would just suck. Massively. >.<

Ah, today should be fun though... I have my own evil AFD jokes, of course. ^.^ *waves evil flags*

Oh yeah, who's the evillest one around? *dansu dansu*

Don't answer that. ^.^
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One last thing...

Okay, I didn't want to post this today 'cause you will all think I'm joking, but I have to get this off my chest!

I don't really like anime anymore. I haven't watched any anime in months, and I don't even read fanfics!

Minna... gomen nasai! >.< I'm just not cut out to be otaku.
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"Aitakute..." Sore dake wo tsutaetakute

Well, my April Fools' day was uneventful. No evil tricks, I just disturbed a bunch of people by tossing them a picture and saying, "Those are both guys!" ^.^ Ah, their expressions were priceless.

Other than that, nothing special. Shel-chan made me massively twitchy at lunch by calling me "master," and then worked on his evil voice after school. I swear, he needs a shirt that says, "I can go from evil to kawaii in .5 seconds... ...and back again!" ^.^

Yeah, my life is boring today. The only thing I've noticed is that a lot of people like people who don't like them. Geez. Sad, na?

I'm going to do homework now... and then I shall game! Game, I say! FF6, here I come!

Out of curiosity, does anyone ever wonder what my random Japanese subject lines say?
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