April 27th, 2003


This is literally the subject box where you literally must type some words which will literally....

Seems like everything's just a blur of stuff happening, but nothing really exciting. Got to hang out with Mitch, Shel-chan, and this guy who's name I can't remember... Josh? (Meh, he forgot my name too, it's ok. ^.^;; ) That was after I played FF6 for most of the morning...

Shut up, Shel-chan. I *know* the TunnelArmor killed me twice, you don't have to rub it in. Grr.

Yes, anyway, I went to work at my neighbors that was pretty good. I got some writing and drawing done. "Drawing" meaning my weird spiraly line designs, not *real* drawing. I wrote up a quote from Maria-chan's "future husband" Spike. "Hunger is the best spice." Ironically, dad interrupted me halfway through because he brought me dinner. ^.^

I got some writing done, and read a little more of The Book Of Doom. ^.^;; I also watched some MTV, which frightened me. o.O "The Battle of the Sexes" is just damn scary to watch. The guys are all about bonding and being good buddies, while the girls are drama queens who cry and bitch about everything. I swear, if those people *aren't* acting I want to slap them for being so... shallow, stupid, melodramatic, rude, wrapped up in themselves, pretty much every negative trait attributed to stereotypical preps. *shudder*

I found some nice Utena walls last night, which cheered me up. ^.^ Touga's so pretty~~~! *cough*

On the agenda for today:
R0xx0r Shel-chan at Mario Kart repeatedly and show him the remade FF6. (and probably get taunted. If it's not the TunnelArmor, it's Integra...) Call me, 'kay, Shel-chan? Since we didn't plan on a time or anything. ^.^;;

That is all... literally...
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