May 26th, 2003


I am empowered by... pants!

Just got back from the mall, I got three new pairs of pants. Two pairs of comfy-as-anything guys jeans and one pair of nice lightweight girls jeans. It was nice, all the pants I tried on *fit* and were comfortable. ^.^ I like guy pants!

My other purchase (which makes me absolutely gleeful) is... an N64! *new gaming console happy dansu!* Unfortunately, I need to get an adaptor so I can hook it up to my crappy tv. The good news is that it's guarenteed to work, has a power thingy, a pretty blue controller, and it was only $20! w00t! w00t! *dansu dansu*

So... what games are good for that system? Besides LoZ, of course. Hmm... need Mario Kart.

Anyway, I need to work on my Japanese project. >.< not fun. I also need to get some money (I owe dad six bucks for the N64 and I need an adaptor and gamage!) So... yeah. Going now.
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