June 10th, 2003


Back~ Back to ancient China~

I am now officially obsessed with Dynasty Warriors 3. That game is *seriously* fun! Choose a really cool looking person, go to interesting places and take down armies. I've beat Musou mode twice so far, with Zhou Yu (who I *swear* is Hotohori's long lost twin) and Lu Xun. Long live Wu! ^.^ I think Wu has some of the coolest characters, especially since pillar-weilding man (Taishi Ci) joined. I'll have to play as Zhang He next. He's pretty, so pretty, so pretty and witty and *gay*! Yep, he's overly feminine to say the least.

Oh, in *actual* news, Toronto is issuing marriage licenses to gay couples now. ^.^ First place in North America, I think. Yay for Toronto! I think I get to go through there when I go visit my mom. I love Canada. Oh, you can read an article about it here.
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