June 19th, 2003


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Ok, going in for a hair cut today. I've had two people say I should dye my hair red, so it may very well become red. ^.^ I know I'll look very different when I get back. Mom's said she'll make me a bunch of new clothes too. Yay! Maybe I'll try my hand at designing something. Could be fun.

I've also had two people say I should make my site EVIL, so that might happen too. ^.^ I'm still kind of stuck on the pretty feather background I found though. Maybe I'll do an evil... feather theme? Yeah, fear the feathers!

Jax, thanks for posting! Now send me e-mail! Mwahahaha! ^.~ Seriously, it's good to hear from everyone back home. (That goes for anyone who's reading this! Write to me, damn it!)

Well, got to have breakfast. Then a shower, and go get my hair cut. Then, clothes~~! I may very well come home with red hair and Final Fantasy-inspired clothes. O.o how weird would *that* be?

Hope everyone's having fun~! Ja ne!
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MWAHAHAHA! Wait... bunnies?

How Would YOU Take Over the World?

This really ruins any evil image I had left, doesn't it? Oh well... I could make it like that old Avengers episode. (Except with bunnies instead of cats) They gave people's pets this little microchip thing in a collar and it emitted a signal that made cats go insane and attack their owners. ^.^;; I wonder if that's even possible?

Oh, got my hair cut and it looks pretty good. It's *even* at the bottom for once, and the split ends are gone! Yay!
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Not to be out-quizzed...

Ok, I took the, "What ultimate beatiful woman are you," but I got the nature-y one, which is really off... I don't do nature. I'm a geek. I changed some answers and I got the "goddess" type. I'm not sure which one is *more* inaccurate. Meh.

So, instead, I took a different quiz: What type of villian are you?

You're an Evil Genius! You are always the brains of
the project, and use your head, most of the
time. Somehow, you always outwit the hero.

What Type of Villian Are You?
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^.^ and this one seems to be a bit more realistic.
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