June 24th, 2003


"Carrot! Darling!"

Whee, mom and Brian-dad got their new house! It's on an island called Skye (I'm sad it's not on Arran... I liked Arran a lot). We're probably going to go on vacation *laugh* to go see the house. I'm not sure when we're leaving or how long we're going to be gone, but I'll try and post here before we leave.

Besides the house, not a lot's going on. Seems like certain people having been doing a lot of quizzes. Geez guys, learn to use an lj cut tag. (It's easy... just < lj-cut > paste in the quizzes you took and < / lj-cut > voila) It makes my friends page load *really* slow. *whine whine whine*

I've been play BoF2, but it's starting to get on my nerves. The batteries in my SP died when I was playing last night, and I lost about an hour of gameplay, then it *froze* today, and I lost some more. Damn it.

My site is offically up. I was waiting on uploading the index (basically making it inaccessable) until I finished a new wall I was working on, but I don't think it'll be done soon, and there's no reason to leave my site down. So... everything's up and working. I'd really appriciate comments. *HINT HINT*

I really need to write. I have so many good ideas and instead I let BoF2 eat my brain. *smack* Baka baka baka....
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