July 6th, 2003


You spoony bard! *giggle*

Today was... kinda dull. I read. Mom sewed. Brian-dad packed. Whee.

Actually, I walked down to the village and picked up "The Fifth Element" and some groceries. ^.......^ Good movie. I love the diva!

Mom did get the shirt pattern she's been fighting for the past few days to work. Yay! ^.^ She's making me spiffy shirts that lace up the front (kinda like a bodice... but comfortable). The one she made today (the fitting one ^.^) is in this beautiful dark blue-purple satin... it makes me think of bards for some reason. ^.^; It's a weird association, but a good one. Now all I need is a harp, some good boots and some travelling supplies and I'm set to go. ^......^ I shall wander the wilds of ...Milwaukie... and... yeah... quest and stuff. Yeah.

So, having failed to accomplish much of anything (other than talk to Maria-chan! YAY!) I think I'll give it up and go play games or something. I'll be back in just a few more days! Yatta ne~! *dansu* Minna-san to paatii ni ikitai da yo! Watashi wa uchi ni kaerimasu...
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