July 26th, 2003


At the risk of sounding cute, OUCHU~~~!

I have done *way* too much walking today. Called Jax this morning, hoping to hang out and found that she was very sick. Like, she can't get out of bed and has been doing nothing but drinking water and tea kinda sick. I, being her adopted mother, instantly put together a care package of anime, manga and my gameboy so she wouldn't be too bored, and walked over to her house. And back. Then, I realized I had to go to the library to return some stuff or face late fees of doom. So, I walked down to the library. Then I walked up to Starbucks (surprise surprise) and then walked home. Got stuck behind a train, which was annoying, and had to take the long way home because there was too much traffic for me to get across the street.

In short, my feet hurt like hell. No more walking for me today. Ouchu~~~!

Oh, and thank you, Shel-chan, for the book(s). Sorry I was being stupid. It's kind of an ingrained habit. ^.^;;;

On the happy side of everything, I have a biiiiiiig shiny pile of good books to read. w00t!

I seem to be having procrastination/writer's block issues though. Argh. Stupid brain. Well, now that I'm not going to be wanting to run around, maybe I'll sit down and write. Who knows. Maybe I'll manage to finish one of my (nearly endless pile of) projects. ^.^;
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