March 2nd, 2004


Shigoto, shigoto~

At school, working on novel. (The story of my life in five words) I'm starting to have to change a lot of things, because I had too much fun when I was originally writing it... There's a lot of weird humor, and jokes in innapropriate places, etc. Gotta fix some of it... Keep some too, 'cause it is funny.

My SSE teacher is a doomsayer, reminding us how little time we have and that we will not graduate if we don't finish. Give me a panic attack, why don't ya?

500 words so far today. (1pm)
1000 " (6pm)
1500 " (7pm)
2000 " (8pm)
2500 " (9-ish)
Done! (Quarter to ten)

Yay, no more chapter six!
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Link - WTF?!

Damn it, Maria-chan

Your quizzes are not helping me get to work!

...but I got Gackt for the J-Rock male test, and 'All-Around Gamer' for the gamer test. (With a picture of Omi... wtf?)

Okay, back to work.

[end of pointless post]
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