October 5th, 2004

Hi from Nage Libre

Ok, I'm sick, but... life is good!

Today was like lip balm for my life after a monday that chapped my brain. Monday: lecture about stuff I already know at 10am; "practical" for the same class at 1pm (we had to build a web page using basic HTML. OMG SO DIFFICULT!!1); dull and slightly disturbing lecture at 3pm. Ranted at mom for about half an hour in the evening.

Today, I had the same lecture first thing this morning, but I took the textbook and started reading the section on CSS. I'm really liking the looks of CSS. It's like all the fun stuff HTML won't let you do.

My second lecture for the day was English. We're reading "Much Ado About Nothing" at the moment, and I really like it. So, I figured a lecture on it wouldn't be bad. It was better than not bad: our lecturer was sick/busy/whatever, and we got to watch a movie! It was really funny, as in people in the class were laughing out loud at it. As Maz would say, "Brilliant."

I have a third lecture today (same as the 3pm one yesterday) but I'm not gonna go, because I'm going to drop that class. Just need to send off an e-mail to my advisor, and probably get a bunch of people to sign a form, and I'll be good to go. Well, not go.

So, I'm off to write a very polite, formal e-mail to my advisor, and then I'm going to do some CSS. Mainly, making a link that turns bright green and doubles in size when you move your mouse over it. ^.^ Heh heh heh.

If anyone's interested, my page for university is here. I'll be putting all my CSS attempts there, so keep your eyes out for that painfully bright green link! (Not that you could possibly miss it!)
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