November 28th, 2004

Hi from Nage Libre


Woo! Finished my novel! 50,003 exactly. I've told a grand total of one person (Jax) who will probably be the only person who gets really happy about me finishing. My mom (who's in a worse mood than ever) will not be happy. Brian-dad won't really be excited. Adam, I expect you'll tell me it's evil and a waste of time.

But I'm happy! (Which is pissing my mom off. Heh.)

And now I can sleep regular hours again, possibly. And finishing packing. Wheeeeee!

Oh, and start translating. I found a dating game that looks very sterotypical and bound to be hilarious. It starts out with the hero finding his love intrest under a sakura tree. The girls themselves are completely sterotypical as well. The 'normal' one, the tomboy, the genki one, the geek, and the meek. *rolls eyes* Should be fun, unless it's naeseating.
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