September 16th, 2005


Teh shiny and the boredom

First, TEH SHINY! That thing is about an inch and a half across, 1 gig, and (they claim) 70 hours of playback on one AAA battery. C'mon, everyone, drool with me here.

Second, I'm kinda bored. I'm starting up (yet another) text game project, but I'd happily look at any ideas anyone sent me and see if they bite my brain.

As for the text game: I've got some hideously complicated idea that I'm trying to pull off. Basically, you start in a set of three rooms. There are six "key" objects, two of each kind hidden in the rooms. There's also a big door with three "keyholes". (Non-literal keys... gems, disks, magic talismens, etc.) Depending on which keys you choose, you end up in a different set of rooms.

The problems include horrendously complicated coding (which is almost making my brain go "Yay, something to do!") and needing lots of different ideas for rooms. They're basically gonna be themed rooms, like a temple, a harem-esque room, an underwater city, etc. But oh, the fun in pages and pages of coding and writing descriptions and creating interesting keys....

I just have to get the fsking program I need over onto the laptop that no one tends to use and then run off and hide with it. Ha ha ha. Hide in a tiny house in the middle of nowhere. Ha. ha. *stabs brain*
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