November 18th, 2005


Playing delinquent/Nostalgic fluff

I've felt like a kid skipping class for most of today. I went to visit Ty-chu, and we did important things like discuss story ideas and watch cartoons.

Now I'm kicking back with some coffee and getting into my writing groove. I've found that I tend to make coffee to suit my mood. Today's is a sweet mocha with just a tiny edge to it. I've had some days when I really needed bitter coffee, with barely any sugar or milk to take the bite out of it. Then other days, I want the most sweet, over-flavored thing I can find. Mood coffee. Forget mood rings, it's all about mood coffee.

The first time I remember skipping school, there was coffee involved. One of my friends came to talk to me and ended up breaking down and crying her eyes out on the edge of campus. I quickly decided theater tech could go fuck itself and led her up to the nearest coffee shop. An hour and a half later, with some good coffee and a pastry, she was feeling better. Happy memory, that one. I always feel like superman when I help people.

I'm feeling a bit sentimental tonight. Better go channel it into my story and have a nice making-up scene for my two MCs. Don't have anything better to channel the mushy feelings into at the moment.

To my fellow NaNoWriMo-ers who are still hacking away at the jungle of words: Cheers! Have some coffee and keep your fingers flying on those keys.
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