November 25th, 2005


At least somewhere in the world has got it right!

Britain legalizes same-sex civil unions

The one thing that almost amuses me over this issue is the fact that so many people make a fuss over calling it "marriage". A rose by any other name, people. The gay rights people are like, "Well, yeah, we have the same rights as a married couple now, but it's not *really* a marriage!" and the Christian people against it are saying, "It's a marriage, regardless of what you call it!"

For once, I have to agree with the Christians. If you want it to be a marriage, then it is. Call it whatever you want. When my mom remarried, she had a civil union because neither she nor her husband was Christian, and they didn't want to marry in a church. They wrote their own vows, and had a group of about twenty-five friends and family come to watch. It was beautiful. Like, I'm getting teary-eyed thinking about it beautiful.

I, for what it's worth, think this is a big step ahead for the world. Maybe America will see this and decide to follow their lead. I wish they would.
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Nano '05 winner

50K, w00t w00t!

Just broke 50,000 words, yay! I feel the need to party coming on.

Unfortunately, I'm not finished with the story. I predict another 5K, at the least.

Aaaand, back to the writing I go.
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