February 7th, 2006

Gackt - dumb blonde comment

Blurb of not completely useless information

I have to pimp out this song: Tenisu no Boifurendo by Freezepop. Entirely in Japanese, and it's simple enough that I can understand like... 90% of it. The chorus is etched into my brain already. "Tenisu no boifurendo/Totemo ii desu yo!"

As an aside, my neck is sore and it's making me smirk and giggle. I'm quite perky and cheerful at the moment, really, it's almost sickening.

Edit: Oh god, it's after 2am and I can't stop bouncing in my chair and singing the song. I should just give up on the whole sleeping thing.
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    Freezepop - Tenisu no Boifurendo
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